Climb the Mountains


Everyday we are running errands Max sees the mountains in the distance and asks if we can go climb them. I was so excited today as we decided to go hiking that I would finally be able to tell him we were going climbin’!


We hiked the Wind Caves at Usery Park and only made it about halfway. We didn’t have a baby carrier and so we held Elliot the whole way. He was getting so tired of being held and kept trying to wriggle free! So we decided to cut the hike short. (If it were up to Max and I…We woulda kept going.) The boys did so great and had a good time. Dan and I traded off holding Elliot, helping Max, and giving Max a few piggy back rides. Next time we either need to invest in a handy baby carrier or get a sitter for baby brother. Then we can make it to the top!!!



On the way down I decided to run the trail. I left Max and Dan behind to learn how to be men together. I held Elliot close to me and he relaxed and fell asleep in my arms!


We sat in the shade at the bottom of the mountain and enjoyed the scenery waiting for the men to return. I love Arizona nature and scenery. I love our desert and think it is so beautiful. I loved pointing out different plants and whatnot to Max that I knew from my Dad teaching me.

It was such a good day! Families are hard work, especially when hiking! But there is joy in it all. Joy in being together and working together.


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